I am a French cinematographer and filmmaker located in Bremen, North-Germany.
After studying classical music in France and Germany i developed a passion for photography and after a couple of years working on stills i decided to get into the world of moving images.
For the past 7 years I have been helping artists, directors and marketing agencies bring their creative vision to life.



2017 - The Elevator I Dir. Milena Langer I Short film
DoP & Editor

2018 - Fly me to the moon I Dir. Raphael Lescouzeres I Short film I Competition "Klappe" of the Film Festival Bremen 2018
DoP, Sound & Editor

2018 - Hide & Seek I Dir. Saskia Müller I Fashion film

2018 - Mit Anna Wegelin auf den Spuren unserer Erzeugnisse I Dir. Saskia Müller I Short documentary
Production sound

2018 - Felix Eckardt, Künstlerportrait I Dir. Maria Velsecic I Short documentary
Camera, sound & editor

2019 - Ein Himmlischer Kupler I Dir. Julian Isfort I Short film
Production sound

2019 - Um jeden Preis I Dir. Gianni Piechota I  Short film
Production Sound

2019 - Broken Repertoire I Dir. Johanna Diehl I Art Film - Haus am Waldsee Berlin

2019 - Mars I Dir. Johanna Diehl I Art Film - Haus am Waldsee Berlin

2020 - "Bail" I Dir. Andreas Sturm I Short Film
Production Sound

2020 - "Hallo Papa" I Dir. Jakob Welik I Short Film

2021 - "Leere Bühne" I Dir. Marcel behrens

2022 - "jockstrap Jesus"

2023 - "Schauburg, mon amour" I Dir. Marie-Claire schmarsow I Documentary
DOP & Colorist


References I Cameraman/DoP
amazon I Documentary work
Beach wrestling world series I B-roll and documentary work
Bremen Tourismus - Advertising campaign
Bremer philharmoniker I Concert recordings
EXILorchester MRIYA I Concert recordings
Hochschule für Künste Bremen I documentary work & Concert recordings
Johanniter unfall-Hilfe I Training materiaL
Juicify I Advertising campaign
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf I Trailers
Musikschule Bremen I Image film
Raphael Sbrzesny I Trailer & Aftermovie
slowak Radio Orchestra I Making-of videos
Sparkasse S-Internati0nal I Social Media clips
Location Sound
References I Production Sound
Langsommer Filmproduktionen I Commercials for Sparkasse Lörrach-Rheinfelder
Filmwerkstatt Münster I Documentaries
Camgula Mainz/Koblenz I Commercial for Deutsche Bahn
Aheads Bremen I Corporate
Leon Spanier Frankfurt am Main I Corporate/Live video
Vaan Majestro Paderborn I TV Production
You can book me as a location sound mixer for your film / video productions.
My standard sound package is composed of :
- Zoom F4 or F8n recorder
- Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic
- Schoeps CMC6 MK41 Supercardioid
- 2 x Sennheiser G3 wireless channels
- 2 x DPA 4061 lavalier microphones
- Boom pole
- 2 x Tentacle Sync E Timecode (extra on request)

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